Club Memberships

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    Club Affiliation Benefits

    As an affiliated Club with USA Table Tennis, you are eligible for the following benefits:

    • Club may receive Comprehensive Liability Insurance
    • USATT Insider E-Newsletter
    • Club may hold USATT approved “Sanctioned” tournaments
    • Club may hold approved leagues
    • Club may retain 10% of fees paid for USATT Pro and Basic Memberships (excludes lifetime memberships)
    • Tournament articles, summaries, photos, and videos may be shared on USATT Media

    Club Affiliation Fee
    $75.00 – 1 year

    Club Affiliation Steps

    1. Identify a club administrator
    2. Club administrator must be SafeSport Compliant
      • Complete and pass a USATT Background Check
      • Complete the SafeSport Training Certification
    3. Club administrator submits a Club Declaration of SafeSport Compliance
    4. Club administrator submits Club Affiliation Form
    5. Pays $75.00 annual club affiliation fee
    6. Club updated to USATT website
    7. Club administrator submits certificate insurance request form
    8. USATT issues an insurance certificate

    Club Affiliation Request Forms
    USATT Club Affiliation Form
    Certificate of Insurance Request Form

    USATT Member Club Declaration of Safe Sport Compliance Form

    Please complete and submit the Club Affiliation Forms by email to or by mail to:

    USA Table Tennis
    1 Olympic Plaza
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909

    To submit the club affiliation fee over the phone call (719) 866-2267 or contact Tina Ren.

    For further information, contact USA Table Tennis at


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