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    Thank you for your interest in Para Table Tennis.

    USATT is always looking for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities to represent the U.S. at upcoming table tennis events. This guide is intended to provide simple yet concise information to get you started in the USATT Para Program.

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    You can find additional information about our sport and where to play by visiting the following links:

    • If you are interested in finding a USATT club please visit: Find a Club
      Para specific hours may be available in a club near you.

    Table Tennis shall be played according to the Laws and Regulations of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and can be found in the ITTF Rules Handbook.
    Please check the Tournament Event Section of the USATT website for local, regional and major tournaments in the U.S. You will have to become a member of USATT in order to be eligible to play in USATT events.
    To improve your table tennis level consistent training is recommended with a coach whether it be group or private instruction and also engaging in free play. To find a USATT coach please visit: USATT Coaches List.
    For questions and more information please contact the USATT PTT Program Director:

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    USATT Para Program Director
    Jasna Rather
    Phone: 817-715-4062


    The purpose of the para classification system is to provide fair and equitable play during competition. Each athlete is evaluated by a trained classifier with the goal of grouping players into categories or classes based on a player’s limitations or disability. Athletes are classified into 11 classes. Classes 1 to 5 are for athletes competing in wheelchairs and class 6 to 10 are for standing Para athletes. Class 11 is for athletes with intellectual disability according to the Virtus Sport definition. Please visit Virtus Sport for information and classification requirements for Class 11 athletes at:

    If you are planning to compete in international tournaments you would be classified in the first ITTF factor 20 (Fa20) tournament. Initial international classification may change after observation of matches during the ITTF event. For questions and more information on Classification please contact USATT Para Program Director Jasna Rather (


    After entering USATT tournaments you will be given a rating which can be found on the USATT website under the Ratings Section. The following chart can provide you with a suggested USATT rating level in each playing class before an athlete should possibly consider entering an international tournament.

    Men's classes and USATT rating

    Women's classes and USATT rating

    1 - 700

    1 - 500

    2 - 800

    2 - 600

    3 - 1200

    3 - 1000

    4 - 1300

    4 - 1100

    5 - 1400

    5 - 1200

    6 - 1500

    6 - 1300

    7 - 1600

    7 - 1400

    8 - 1700

    8 - 1500

    9 - 1800

    9 - 1600

    10 - 1900

    10 - 1700

    11 - 1600

    10 - 1400


    Jasna Rather will guide you through entry process for International Para events and instructing on payments and travel. You will need to have valid US passport and email copy to Jasna Rather at You can also find the information on event schedule at the Para Tournament Calendar Page.


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