Para Classification

  • USA Table Tennis follows the ITTF system of Para Classification and all related Rules. All classifiers taking part in the classification process are educated and certified by the ITTF. 
  • The 2015 Athlete Classification Code and International Standards continue with the objective to standardize policies and procedures for classification across sports, while allowing the International Federations to adapt these to the needs of their sport.


Athletes who are seeking international classification need to participate in a Factor 20 ITTF Para Tournament.

Prospective Para players should send inquiries to Para Program Director Jasna Rather. All prospective athletes would be informed of Para classification opportunities.  Forms will be sent for completion are:


Upon assessment, a classification card would be generated.  The cards are printed on-site and given to the athlete once signed by the classifiers. The determination of classification would be fully explained. Any player determined to be ineligible has the opportunity to be re-seen by a different classifier at another time.

If a player has had a medical change in condition (e.g. surgery, progression of a neurological condition, additional injuring event) which may have had an impact on their identified class, they would need to be seen by a doctor and the same forms mentioned above need to be completed before requesting to be seen by an ITTF certified classifier. 

Important Classification Information

No records will be kept by USATT nor by any classifiers in the US. International Classification Forms uploaded to the ITTF classification link would be kept safe by the ITTF.

To assure full compliance with the ITTF PTT / IPC regulations for eligibility and testing, all classifiers who provide classification services are trained through the ITTF PTT classifier training seminars and programs. Any person interested to become an ITTF Classifier may attend an ITTF Classifier Seminar in order to become an internationally certified classifier.