Coach of the Year Program

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Each year, USA Table Tennis honors those coaches who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of table tennis in the USA in their respective fields. You can find information on the nomination process, and also the honors board of all Coach of the Year Award recipients.

The selection committee will generally be made up of:

  • Chair of the USATT Coaching Committee, who shall chair the committee
  • Chair of the USATT High Performance Committee
  • Chair of the Athletes Advisory Committee
  • USATT National Teams Head Coaches

Nominations for 2022 COY awards are open through January 7, 2023.

Email all election votes to:

Year National Coach of the Year USATT Development Coach of the Year USATT Doc Counsilman Science Award USATT Volunteer Coach of the Year USATT Para Coach of the Year USATT Para Development Coach of the Year
2021 Jun Gao Qi Wei & Samson Dubina Ernesto Ebuen Jr. & Team Pingpod Thilina Piyadasa Mitch Seidenfeld Christian Lillieroos
2020 Wenzhang Tao Dan Liu Qingliang Wang Mike Boyd Vlad Farcas Gary Fraiman
2019 Jun Gao and Stefan Feth Qingliang Wang - Dr. John Chen Mitch Seidenfeld -
2018 J. Bitzigeio, S. Feth, D. Wagner Qingliang Wang Samson Dubina Mike Lauro Gary Fraiman Sean O'Neill
2017 Joerg Bitzigeio Pieke Franssen Samson Dubina - Mitch Seidenfeld
2016 Stefan Feth Wenzhang Tao Samson Dubina Joe Ciarrochi Gary Fraiman
2015 Massimo Costantini Yang Yu Samson Dubina - Matthew Winkler
2014 Lily Yip Jack Huang Yang Yu - Ladislav Sranko
2013 Lily Yip Stefan Feth Larry Hodges - Angie Bengtsson
2012 Zhou Xin Stefan Feth - Joel Mitchell Daniel Rutenberg
2011 Massimo Costantini Stefan Feth - Duane Gall Stellan Bengtsson
2010 Lily Yip Sean O'Neill - - Daniel Rutenberg
2009 Emilia Gheorghe Rajul Sheth - Jerry Mintz Daniel Rutenberg
2008 Teodor Gheorghe Rajul Sheth* - LA Johnston
2007 Teodor Gheorghe Dennis Davis Sean O'Neill* Jock Oubichon
2006 Dan Seemiller Hui Yuan Liu Larry Thoman Michael J. Scott
2005 Sean O'Neill Grace Lin Robert Trudell Daniel Rutenberg
2004 Lily Yip Dennis Davis Richard McAfee Greg Miller
2003 Teodor Gheorghe Mitch Seidenfeld
2002 Christian Lillieroos Larry Hodges
2001 - -
2000 Dan Seemiller Masaaki Tajima
1999 Teodor Gheorghe Richard McAfee
1998 Jack Huang Dan Seemiller
1997 Christian Lillieroos Marty Prager
1996 Cheng Yinghua Bill Liu

* USOC Coaching Committee Award Winner


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