Coach Certification

    Club Coach Certification Requirements:

    1. All USATT Coaches have a current USATT Pro Membership ($75/year
    2. All USATT Coaches must be SafeSport Compliant.
    3. Submit the $299 coaching certification exam fee.

    SafeSport Compliance Requirements
    SafeSport Certification

    To take the SafeSport certification course, log in or create your USATT Account on Simply Compete. Click the "SafeSport Education" tab on your dashboard to access THE SafeSport training courses. Refresher Courses may be taken for SafeSport certification renewal 

    Background Check

    Submit $35 to the USATT PayPal account: and let me know after payment competed. A background check link will be activated on your USATT account membership dashboard. *** The $299 coaching certification exam fee may be submitted to the USATT PayPal.

    All USATT Certified Coaches must complete mandatory SafeSport Certification and a Background Check - find more policy information on the SafeSport Homepage.

    For further information on SafeSport Compliance and Coaching Certification - Tina Ren


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