Press Release: USATT Coaching Excellence Licensing Fee Takes Effect on March 1

by Mark Thompson


USATT Coaching Excellence Licensing Fee Takes Effect on March 1

All Table Tennis Coaches at USATT Member Clubs are Required to Be USATT Certified

for Their Coaching Activities to be Covered Under the USATT’s Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy


(Colorado Springs, CO – February 23, 2021) – USA Table Tennis (“USATT”), the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis, today reminded all USATT Certified Coaches that the organization’s Coaching Excellence Certification Program Licensing Fee goes into effect on March 1, 2021. USATT Certified Coaches can pay the $50 annual fee at the following link:


The annual licensing fee is part of the USATT Coaching Excellence Certification Program and is applicable to all coaches currently listed as USATT Certified. Certified coaches who have not paid the licensing fee as of March 1 will be removed from the USATT Certified Coach Registry.


It is also important to note that, as announced earlier this year, all persons engaged in coaching activities at USATT Member Clubs must be fully USATT Certified for those coaching activities to be considered covered under USATT’s Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy.


For those persons interested in becoming USATT Certified Coaches, there are three available avenues for certification. The first is to undertake and complete USATT’s recently implemented On-Line Coaching Excellence Program, the first stage of which has been launched to certify persons at the Club Coaching Level: Over time, it is expected that the on-line offerings will also be progressively expanded to offer courses for certification at the State, Regional, and National Levels. USATT will also continue to recognize the certified training and education previously provided to coaches through the International Table Tennis Federation. Finally, USATT’s Coaching Committee will also evaluate and consider certifications awarded by table tennis federations outside of the United States for equivalent recognition in the USATT Coaching Excellence Certification Program on a case-by-case basis.


In order to maintain USATT Coaching Certification, all coaches must be a current USATT Pro Member (or a USATT Lifetime Member), SafeSport Compliant, and pay the $50 annual licensing fee. Certified coaches must also submit a signed USATT Coaches Code of Conduct to USATT Headquarters.


USATT Certified Coaches receive the following benefits:


  • Name, State and Coaching Level Recognition on USATT’s Website;
  • Name, State and Coaching Level Recognition in USATT’s Weekly Newsletter, “The Insider”;
  • Access to All SafeSport Tutorials Offered by the US Center for SafeSport;
  • Coverage of Costs Associated with the Mandatory Biennial Criminal Background Check for USATT SafeSport Compliance;
  • Authorization and Coverage of Costs for a Coaching Credential at the US Nationals, US Open, National and International US Team Trials, and State and Regional Qualification Tournaments;
  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance Coverage for Coaching Activities at USATT Member Clubs; and
  • Personal Accidental Injury Insurance Coverage for Injuries Related to Table Tennis Coaching Activities.


Please note that the cost of the annual licensing fee is already included for one year for those persons who complete the On-Line Coaching Excellence Certification Program.


Questions regarding USATT’s Coaching Excellence Certification Program and policies and processes related to that certification should be directed to Tina Ren (


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