Temporary Adjustment to USATT Event Referee Requirements to Support Member Clubs

by USA Table Tennis

2023 Tournament Sanctioning Update - Clayton Pavlicek at the 2023 ITTF Pan Am Youth Championships in WV.

[Colorado Springs, CO – August 29th, 2023] – USATT is pleased to announce a temporary adjustment to the referee requirements for USATT-sanctioned events, aimed at providing enhanced support to our valued member clubs. The adjustment will be in effect until June 30, 2024, and reflects USATT's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of event organization while addressing challenges faced by clubs due to referee shortages.

Under the current guidelines, USATT-sanctioned events are required to have a regional referee for 3-star events and a national referee for 4-star events. However, recognizing the increasing difficulty in securing referees for these events, USATT has decided to temporarily modify these requirements to better accommodate our member clubs.

Effective immediately and until June 30, 2024, the following adjustments will be implemented:

  • 3-Star and 4-star Events: Clubs will be allowed to host 3-star and 4-star events with a certified referee. This adjustment provides clubs with more flexibility in sourcing qualified referees for their events.

USATT remains committed to the fairness and professionalism of our events. While these adjustments offer short-term relief, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong pool of qualified referees. To this end, USATT will collaborate closely with the Umpire and Referee Committee to implement measures that will increase the number of higher-level officials over time.

USATT encourages member clubs to take advantage of this temporary modification while actively participating in our efforts to expand the pool of qualified referees. By working together, we can create a sustainable solution that benefits both the clubs and the table tennis community as a whole.

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