Lily Yip Table Tennis Center Hosts Nearr February Open: Olympians Visit New Jersey

by LilY Yip Table Tennis Center

LYTTC Nearr Cup, New Jersey, Feb 2023. (L-R) Coach PK, Timothy , Mr. Gao from Nearr, 2300 1st Ainish, 2nd Prajeet, 3rd Santiago & Arnav.  Right 1 : Lily Yip

LYTTC hosts Nearr  February Open, (L-R) Pieke Franssen, Timothy Wang, Mr. Gao from Nearr Enterprise Inc., 2300 Event 1st Place - Ainish Dassarma, 2nd Place - Prajeet Kanchi, 3rd Place - Santiago Acosta & Arnav Jain, and club owner Lily Yip. New Jersey, Feb, 2023


Lily Yip Table Tennis Center hosted a very special tournament sponsored by Nearr Enterprise Inc. Former Olympic team coach Pieke Franssen and two-time US Olympian Timothy Wang came to NJ with their young students from Colorado Springs. The younger players brought excitement to the tournament. Students and their parents had a chance to meet all the young players, chat and take pictures with them.


There were more than 100 participants in the tournament. The USATT team tryout is only two weeks away. All of the juniors wanted to gain more experience before the tryouts. They played very intensely for each point, and it made all the players very enthusiastic!


In the open event, former Chinese professional players Wang, Junxiao and Zhong, Zhongqi Henry lost to Cuban champion Carlos Hernandez and US Open under 19 champion Aditya Sareen in the semifinals. In their finals match, Carlos won the first game and was ahead 2-1. Adi’s fast back loops were well placed making it very difficult for Carlos who began to struggle with back spasms. Adi came back and won the Title…


Former Olympic team coach and two-time US Olympian Lily Yip expressed gratitude and thanks to sponsor Nearr Enterprise Inc. for their support and she hopes more and more corporations will continue supporting the sport that so many people love.