2023 Pacific Regional Champions decided at OCTTA

by USA Table Tennis

2023 Pacific Regional Championships

The Pacific Regional Champions have been concluded in Southern California at Orange County Table Tennis Academy in Fountain Valley for 2023. Regional Champions have been dubbed for the year in hard fought victories in the on the Pacific Shores.


Jinbao Ma has taken the title Pacific Regional Champion in the Men’s Singles event for the region and in Women’s Singles, Tiffany Ke led all competitors as the new Pacific Regional Champion.




Open Singles RR MEN

1.    Jinbao Ma

2.    Xiang Jing Zhang

3.    Koyo Kanamitsu

4.    3rd-Wenzhang Tao


Open Singles RR WOMEN

1.    Tiffany Ke

2.    Gina Dole

3.    Emma Dong

4.    3rd-Tiana Piyadasa


BOYS U21 Juniors RR

1.    Keenan Zhou

2.    Xianyao He

3.    Kai Zarehbin

4.    3rd-Revant Kasichainula


GIRLS U21 Juniors RR

1.    Tiffany Ke

2.    Tiana Piyadasa        

3.    Emma Dong 


BOYS U15 Juniors RR

1.    Xianyao He

2.    Bosman Botha          Xianliang He

3.    3rd-Andrew Huang


GIRLS U15 Juniors RR

1.    Tiana Piyadasa

2.    Emma Dong

3.    Cheryl Hu     


BOYS U 11 Juniors RR

1.    Xianliang He

2.    Evan Dong

3.    Andrew Huang

4.    4th-Carlos Prados Miao


GIRLS U11 Juniors RR

1.    Tiana Piyadasa

2.    Ananya Khuntia                   


Over 50 RR MEN

1.    Tuan Dai Le Md

2.    Chi-Sun Chui

3.    Phong Nguyen

4.    3rd-George Guo

Over 40 RR MEN

1.    Mohammadreza Akhlaghpasand

2.    Chi-Sun Chui

3.    Tuan Dai Le Md

4.    3rd-Tri H. Dinh


Over 40 RR WOMEN

1.    Gina Dole

2.    Wendy Fang

3.    Min (winnie) Zhang 


Over 50 RR WOMEN

1.    Gina Dole

2.    Wendy Fang

3.    Renae Willer


Over 60 RR MEN

1.    George Guo

2.    Thong Nguyen

3.    Alfie Lam

4.    3rd-Arun Kumar


Over 60 RR WOMEN

1.    Gina Dole

2.    Wendy Fang

3.    Renae Willer


Over 70 RR MEN

1.    Viet Tran

2.    Son Nguyen

3.    Frank Zandpour

4.    4th-John Gavin Williams



Please visit for a more detailed look at match and tournament results.


The champion for each event that has six or more competitors at the Regionals will receive free entry into the US Nationals for that particular event. There is no limit on the number of events that a person can enter and win at the Regional level in order to receive free entry for that event into the 2023 US Nationals.


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