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Jimmy Butler

Olympian 1992, 1996

    Athlete Bio

    USA Table Tennis


    Houston, TX


    Home Club: Houston Table Tennis Club/Texas Table Tennis Training Center

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    Stellan Bengtsson

    How long have you been playing? Started at age 6 in 1977.  Retired from 2003-2012.

    How did you get involved in the sport? Father

    Your best victory or tournament? Highest Rating to date? 4-time U.S. Men's Singles National Champion 1990, 1992, 1993, 2014. Two-time U.S. Olympic Team Member 1992, 1996. 1995 World Team Cup Bronze Medalist & MVP. Highest US rating 2763. Highest world Ranking #70.

    What are your Goals in the sport? To upgrade the Current U.S. System to a more professional model.

    Who is your Favorite Player? Why? Jan Ove Waldner (SWE) because of his creativity. Sweden has been a great host country to many American table tennis players.

    Describe your game or playing philosophy. Offensive player with a very strong backhand and service game.

    Recent Titles 

    • 2015 North American World Cup Singles Champion
    • 2015 US National Team
    • 2015 Pan American Team
    • 2014 US Men's Singles and Senior Champion
    • 2014 US National Team
    • 2014 US World Team
    • 2011 USATT Hall of Fame Inductee


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