Kai Zhang
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Kai Zhang

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    Westchester, NY

    Playing Style: Right handed, two winged attacker

    Playing Equipment: 

    Blade: Butterfly Viscaria

    FH Rubber: DHS Hurricane Neo 3

    BH Rubber: Butterfly Tenergy05

    Most Memorable Result in Table Tennis so far? There are many of them. First of all, when I was in 2015 Portugal Junior Open Singles Final, I was up 3:1, then was chased to 3:3. The deciding game, I was up 10:7 and then down 10:11. At the end, I won 17:15, which was very intense and memorable. Secondly, in the 2016 World Junior Circuit Finals, I beat An Jaehyun 4:0 in the group stage who is currently bronze medal owner in 2019 World Championships.


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