Khoa Nguyen
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Khoa Nguyen

Olympian 2000, 2004

Athlete Bio

USA Table Tennis


San Jose, CA


San Jose State University

Home Club: Topspin in San Jose, CA

Education: BS Computer Science

Coach(es): PG Johansson, my Dad and Roger (my brother)

Handed: Right

Style of Play: Offense

Grip: Shakehands

Sponsors: Joola

Blade and Rubber: Joola Viva with Phoenix

Highest Rating: 2712

Competition Record/Titles:
Member of 2013 US National Team
Member of USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame
Former Member of USA Table Tennis Board of Directors
2000 and 2004 Member of US Olympic Table Tennis Team
Captain of 2004 US Olympic Table Tennis Team
2000 North American Champion

How were you introduced to table tennis:
My Dad taught me when I was 8 years old.

Your best victory or tournament? Highest Rating to date?
Winning the North American Championships and making the US Olympic Team in 2004

What are your Goals in the sport?
Coach a Junior to make the US Olympic Team

Who is your Favorite Player?
 Jan Ove Waldner

Personal Info:
Has a wife Julie and 3 kids. An 18 month old boy Khaden and daughters Khamille 15 and Khassidy 13 years old. Has 3 brothers and 3 older sisters.

Currently work at Audible Magic as a Senior Engineering Manager.


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