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Yue Wu

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    Athlete Bio

    USA Table Tennis


    Newark, NJ

    2020 USA Women's Team Captain
    Home Club:
    Wu Yue Table Tennis
    Handed: Right
    Style of Play: Offensive
    Grip: Shakehands
    Blade and Rubber: Blade - Joola Falcon Fast 7 layers, Rubber - Forehand JOOLA MAXXX 500 & Backhand JOOLA Rhyzm MAXXX-P

    Competition Record/Titles:

    • 2020 World Cup - 9th Place
    • 2020 Pan Am Cup - Women Singles: Bronze Medal
    • 2019 World Team Cup - 5th place
    • 2019 Pan Am Games - Women Singles and Women Doubles: Silver Medalist.  Women's Team: Bronze Medalist
    • 2018 NCTTA National Championships Women Singles, Women's Doubles and Teams Champion
    • 2017 World Championships Women's Doubles top 8 (with Lily Zhang)
    • 2016 North American World Cup Champion
    • 2016 US Olympic Team Member
    • 2015 Pan Am Games Women's Singles & Women's Team Gold Medal
    • 2015 Pan Am Games Team
    • 2010 November ITTF Canada Double Fish Open, women's singles champion
    • 2011 April ITTF North American Championship, women's single 3rd place finisher 
    • 2011 June ITTF Pro Tour Brazilian Open 21 Women Singles runner-up
    • 2010 Canadian Open Champion
    • 2007 August ITTF WJC Taiyuan Junior Open, representing China, 1st place - girls' singles and teams
    US Tournaments:
    • 2011 July US Open: 3rd placer - Women's Singles and champion - 21 women's singles 
    • 2011 May JOOLA Eastern Tour Open: 3rd place - Open Singles
    • 2011 March FIT Open: 2nd place – Open Singles, and 1st place - Women's Singles
    • 2011 March FIT Open: 2nd place – Open Singles, and 1st place - Women's Singles
    • 2010 May JOOLA Eastern Tour Open: 3rd place- Open Singles, and 1st place- Women's Singles
    • 2010 April JOOLA New York City Tour Open: 1st place – Open Singles, and 1st place - Women's Singles
    • 2009 October New York State Open: 2nd place – Open Singles
    • 2009 July US Open: 2nd place – Women's Doubles 
    • 2009 May JOOLA Eastern Tour Open: 2nd place – Open Singles, and 1st place- Women's Singles 
    • 2008 November and 2009 March New Jersey Open: 1st place- Open Singles
    • 2008 JOOLA North American Teams Championships: 3rd place- Elite Division, 1st place Women's Division

    Former Beijing Women Team member from 2003 to 2008.

    How were you introduced to table tennis: 
    My mother introduced me to table tennis.

    How long have you been playing the sport?
    I have been playing the sport for 17 years

    Favorite table tennis player:
    Zhang Yining of China

    Favorite sport other than table tennis:


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