2023 USATT 90th Anniversary Collage

Honor. Inspire. Build.


As part of the 90th anniversary celebration USA Table Tennis invites our entire community to get involved in celebration across the country, whether it is locally, regionally, nationally, and/or digitally!


Honoring our History

Keep an eye on our USATT social media pages throughout the year for weekly posts on historical events, legends and key community members and clubs who have helped develop the sport in the past 90 years. Let us know in our DMs if you want to honor someone or something special from the past, and we might post it!


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Living in our Communities

Clubs are the bedrock of our USA table tennis communities. At clubs, players not only develop table tennis skills, but become part of a family of enthusiasts who support and uplift one another. To celebrate our clubs and our members, USATT is launching 90 sanctioned celebration tournaments at 90 USATT affiliated clubs across the country this year. Since each club and community is different, USATT will work with club leaders to develop fun, competitive and celebratory events to honor and commemorate our 90th birthday.


Clubs who are interested in hosting the events can contact Vlad Farcas (Vlad.Farcas@usatt.org) or Tina Ren (Tina.Ren@usatt.org). More information for interested host clubs to come!


Building for our Future

Youth and innovation are core components of building the future of table tennis in the US. Looking forward, USATT hopes to inspire not only the best youth players, but also develop kind, creative and responsible community members who can serve as leaders in the future.


For our youngest youth players (under 12), USATT will launch the Road to Los Angeles 2028 Aspiration tour. These will consist of training camps and community events built to level up our youngest talents and grow more interest from young table tennis enthusiasts across the US.


To build leaders and innovators in our community, USATT is holding two contests with great prizes and benefits for our winners.


World Peace Guitar Contest


Innovation and Growth Challenge


Growth and Innovation Challenge.


We encourage all our members to join in on our celebrations, engage in your local communities and take time to eat some birthday cake to celebrate 90 years of USA Table Tennis. Just don’t forget to snap a picture and tag us on social media during your celebrations.


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