USATT Board of Directors Seeks Applications for Nominating and Governance Committee



USA Table Tennis Board of Directors Seeks Applications for
Nominating and Governance Committee

Two Members of NGC To Be Selected by the Board from the USATT General Membership


(Colorado Springs, CO – March 23, 2021) – The Board of Directors for USA Table Tennis (“USATT”), the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis, today opened the process to receive applications for persons interested in serving on the organization’s Nominating and Governance Committee. Under the USATT Bylaws, two of the six members on the NGC must be selected by the Board from USATT Members in good standing.

According to the Bylaws, the tasks of persons serving on the NGC are as follows:

  1. Identify and evaluate prospective candidates for the Board;
  2. Select individuals to serve on the Board as provided in the Bylaws;
  3. Recommend as requested by the Board individuals to serve on various committees and task forces;
  4. Consult with the Ethics and Grievance Committee with respect to vetting all nominations for potential conflict of interest or other problematic background issues;
  5. Develop and recommend to the Board for its consideration an annual self-evaluation process of the Board and committees and task forces;
  6. Develop prerequisites for becoming a board member, which shall encourage experience serving on a corporate or not for profit board for at least one (1) year for all non-athlete board members;

Perform such other duties as assigned by the Board.
In practical terms, the Nominating and Governance Committee will be most active;

  • In 2021, as new independent directors are need to fill vacancies.
  • In 2024, running the next election of at large and club members to the Board.
  • Working with the Board prior to 2024 to restore the staggered terms for the Board.

With respect to evaluating candidates for the NGC, the Board is charged with the following parameters:

  1. the candidate’s contribution to the effective functioning of the USATT;
  2. any potential or impending change in the candidate’s principal area of responsibility
    with his or her company or in his or her employment;
  3. whether the candidate continues to bring relevant experience to the Board;
  4. whether the candidate has the ability to attend meetings and fully participate in the activities of the Board;
  5. the candidate’s personal integrity and commitment to ethical conduct; andwhether the candidate has developed any relationships with another organization, or other circumstances have arisen, that might make it inappropriate for the director to continue serving on the Board.

The Board has requested that USATT Members in good standing seeking to serve on the NGC should send a statement of interest by Monday, April 5, to the General Secretary of the Board: Mark Thompson (


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