U.S. National Table Tennis Championships Rolling in Downtown Fort Worth

by Joshua Dyke

2022 U.S. National Table Tennis Championships Trophies


Seventeen gold medals earned thus far at the U.S. Nationals


FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The Downtown Fort Worth convention center is filled with the rumbling of bouncing ping pong balls as the U.S. National Table Tennis Championships have started. 


Over 750 players are competing to become 2022 National Champions in 112 events at the event, including the very first Parkinson Events ever held at the U.S. Nationals. 


On day one, National Champions in event categories from under 13 singles to 65 & over doubles were determined in the main arena.


Notable gold medalists with a undeniable opportunity to take the 2022 U.S. Nationals Men's and Women's Singles gold were day one U-21 National Champions Sharon Alguetti and Amy Wang. Both athletes are fresh off winning the National Team Trials at Texas Wesleyan University this past week.


Alguetti fended off Sid Naresh for the U-21 gold, Naresh had just taken Alguetti to seven games at the Men’s National Team Trials. Naresh put up a valiant effort taking the first game at the Nationals, but momentum shifted after game one in Alguettis' favor for a 3-1 victory to secure his first gold medal of the tournament.


Shifting the focus to the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles, Alguetti is already locked in to prepare for the major events starting on to Day 2, “At the end of the day, it’s every match, every event is for its own. I have to forget this win after tonight and start Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles tomorrow which are the bigger events for me.”



Here's a look at your new 2022 National Champions and top performers:


Hsing Family U-21 Men's Singles


Gold: Sharon Alguetti      

Silver: Sid Naresh   

Bronze: William Bai 

Bronze: Gal Alguetti


Hsing Family U-21 Women Singles


Gold: Amy W. Wang

Silver: Sarah Jalli

Bronze: Sally Moyland

Bronze: Rachel Sung


DHS U-13 Boys' Singles


Gold: Ryan Lin

Silver: Winston Wu

Bronze: Charles Shen

Bronze: Kef Noorani


DHS U-13 Girls' Singles


Gold: Amina Batkhuyag

Silver: Carmen Yu

Bronze: Aria Shi

Bronze: Mandy Yu


Men's 40+ Singles


Gold: Yu Shao

Silver: Paul David

Bronze: Tuan Dai Le Md 

Bronze: Derek May


Women's 40+ Singles


Gold: Xinyu Mao

Silver: Ning Cheng

Bronze: Nirali Maniar Gandhi

Bronze: Ruth Huang


Men's 65+ Singles


Gold: Daniel R. Seemiller 

Silver: Yuxiang Li

Bronze: Raymond Mack

Bronze: Bin Hai Chu


Women's 65+ Singles


Gold: Wendy Fang

Silver: Patty Martinez-Wasserman

Bronze: Yan Ge

Bronze: Tahereh Roufeh


U-2200 RR


Gold: Emily Tan

Silver: Cole Ryberg

Bronze: William Wu

Bronze: Loi Pham


U-1500 Adult RR


Gold: Jung Ho Park

Silver: Avinash Mallavarapu

Bronze: Wayne Griffin

Bronze: Lex Lacson


U-1500 Junior RR


Gold: Nathan Yu

Silver: Anagha Kasichainula

Bronze: Vincent Guan

Bronze: Mohammed Musthafa


DHS U-19 Girls' Doubles


Gold: Yishiuan Lin / Kylie Lam

Silver: Faith Hu / Emily Tan

Bronze: Sarah Jalli / Tiffany Ke

Bronze: Lucy Chen / Rachel Wang


DHS U-11 Girls' Doubles


Gold: Irene Yeoh / Abigail Yu

Silver: Sophia Chen / Anagha Kasichainula

Bronze: Laura Zhang / Tanvi Desai

Bronze: Angela He / Isabella Luo


40 & Over Men's Doubles


Gold: Guo Hui Lu / Tuan Dai Le Md 

Silver: Yu Shao / Paul David

Bronze: Derek May / James Therriault

Bronze: George Guo / Kenneth Pinili


40 & Over Women's Doubles


Gold: Ying Lu / Lily Yip

Silver: Seema Cavale / Divya Nagaraj

Bronze: Ning Cheng / Ruth Huang

Bronze: Juliana Milanov / Valerie Rolph


65 & Over Men's Doubles


Gold: Daniel R. Seemiller / Rick Seiler

Silver: Yuxiang Li / Bin Hai Chu

Bronze: Alireza Hejazi / Ronald Lusk

Bronze: Dell Sweeris / David Sakai


65 & Over Women's Doubles


Gold: Connie Mae Sweeris / Donna Sakai

Silver: Angie Miyashiro / Miki 



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