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2022 USATT Club Awards Announced

by USA Table Tennis

Club play at Westchester Table Tennis Center, January 19, 2023. (Photo by USA Table Tennis)

Colorado Springs, Colo. – USA Table Tennis today announces the 2022 Club Awards for the hard work and dedication to the sport of table tennis. USATT wishes to recognize the organizations leading contributors in promoting the sport of table tennis in the United States for the year.

The club awards for 2022 are the Spotlight Awards, highlighting clubs that went above and beyond to represent USA Table Tennis in international competitions. At this time, USATT also wishes to bring special attention to the 2022 Club of the Year Award and congratulate and express our gratitude to the top 15 clubs of the year for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. 

The 2022 Club Spotlight Awards go to Broward Table Tennis Club, Table Tennis America, and Westchester Table Tennis. Each club took part in hosting World Table Tennis Feeder Events.

“All three clubs represented USATT and our clubs by delivering a successful international table tennis event with more than 50 countries participating. Not only have they demonstrated their ability, but also open the door for more international events in the coming years.” – Virginia Sung, CEO, USA Table Tennis.


2022 Club of the year, Westchester Table Tennis Center. (Photo by USA Table Tennis)

Westchester Table Tennis Center has earned the 2022 Club of the Year award. The New York institution has been open since 2011. Leading the 2022 flagship club, Will Shortz, crossword editor of the New York Times, and Club Manager Robert Roberts, three-time table tennis champion of the Caribbean. 

"Robert Roberts and I are thrilled that Westchester has been named the USATT's first Club of the Year! When we opened 12 years ago, we wanted to do our part to help promote table tennis in the U.S., cater to players of all skill levels, and have fun besides," commented Will Shortz upon receiving the award. "People tell us all the time that playing table tennis at Westchester makes them happy," He continued.

The monthly 4-star Westchester Opens are an East Coast mainstay. On average, the club hosts over 200 tournament participants at their monthly 4-star tournaments. The Westchester TTC still reaches far beyond sanctioned tournaments to promote table tennis in their community. Westchester TTC is the birthplace of Ping Pong Parkinson; a program for Parkinson's players. To welcome new players to the sport, the club offers free training for beginning/intermediate players every week.

Westchester Table Tennis Center has embodied the characteristics that our affiliated clubs share in their passionate dedication to the sport of table tennis.

2022 USATT Top 15 Clubs List. (Photo by USA Table Tennis)

Club of The Year – Point System Criteria

The point system for the Club of the Year is based on: total prize money, number of tournaments run, and star-level of sanctioned tournaments.

Prize Money – Out of the top 20 clubs: The club that awards the highest total prize money for the year gets 20 points, the club awarding the second highest total prize money gets 19 points, and so on.

Number of Tournaments – 1 point for each tournament held by the club.

Star-Level of Sanctioned Tournaments –

4-Star Tournaments: 5 points;
3-Star Tournaments: 4 points;
2-Star Tournaments: 3 points;
1-Star Tournaments: 2 points; and
0-Star Tournaments: 1 point.

At this time, USATT also wishes to acknowledge and thank OmniPong as the 2022 Tournament Management Software of the year. They assist many of the sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments held in the United States possible to run. In 2022, the tournament software ran 173 tournaments for table tennis clubs.

Year in and year out the affiliated clubs of USA Table Tennis go above and beyond to promote the sport of table tennis in the United States. Clubs are the foundation of USATT, and they dedicate their time and effort to developing all manner of athletes. The clubs strive to create playing atmospheres that are welcoming to all walks of life as part of their community-first approach.

USATT wishes to thank all our affiliated clubs for putting together a fantastic year of table tennis within their efforts of promoting the sport of table tennis in the United States.


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