Southwest Championships Wrap 2023 Regionals Down in Texas

by USA Table Tennis

2023 Southwest Regional Championships


Putting a bow on the USATT Regional Championships this year was Houston International Table Tennis Academy (HITTA). The Southwestern mainstay saw a fantastic turnout for the tournament hosting 166 participants in the Southwest Regional Championships.


Taking the crown as Men’s Singles Regional Championship was Daniel Tran for 2023. Wantong Liu became the Women’s Singles Regional Championship in the Southwestern Region.




Men’s Singles

1.Daniel Tran

2.Cole Ryberg

3.Jayden Cai

4.Randy Hou


Women’s Singles

1.Wantong Liu

2.Hannah Song

3.Lia Morales

4.Maria Tran


U19 Boys

1.Daniel Tran

2.Andy Wang

3.Jayden Cai

4.Michael Chang


U19 Girls

1.Kaye Chen

2.Maria Tran

3.Lia Morales

4.Ananya Singaraju


U15 Boys

1.Jayden Cai

2.Michael Chang

3.Dhruv Dusad

4.Thomas Sui


U15 Girls

1.Ananya Singaraju

2.Amery Cui

3.Lia Morales

4.Olivia Rosin


U13 Boys

1.Jayden Cai

2.Joshua Joseph

3.Swar Patel

4.Thomas Sui


U13 Girls

1.Ananya Singaraju

2.Amery Cui

3.Emma Jiao

4.Amanda Liu


U11 Boys

1.Lucas Peng

2.Max Cheng

3.Lucas Wu

4.Ethan Jiao


U11 Girls

1.Adela Hoang

2.Amanda Liu

3.Isabella Joseph

4.Jocelyn Zhang


40&O Men’s

1.Roberto Byles

2.Kishor Saitwal

3.Tariq Khan

4.Felver Yepez


60&O Men’s

1.Roberto Byles

2.Stanley Richards



1.Viren Patel

2.Winfred Addy

3.Kevin Soto

4.Tejeshwar Parmar



1.Fernando Loriafal

2.Pratyush Mohanty

3.Chris Rosin

4.Swar Patel



1.Hao An Do Ngoc

2.Xinyi Zhen

3.Amanda Liu

4.Rochard Larrumbide



1.Amanda Liu

2.Vedanth Nambiar

3.Lucas Wu

4.Lijia Zhen



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The champion for each event that has six or more competitors at the Regionals will receive free entry into the US Nationals for that particular event. There is no limit on the number of events that a person can enter and win at the Regional level in order to receive free entry for that event into the 2023 US Nationals.