USATT 90th Anniversary Paddle Palace Fall Open at Atlanta Georgia Table Tennis Association (AGTTA)

by Brian Crisp

Singles – Enzo Angles, winner of AGTTA's 90th Anniversary Celebration Paddle Palace Fall Open AGTTA – Atlanta Georgia Table Tennis Association – Norcross, Georgia. Sept. 9, 2023. (Photo by AGTTA)

On September 9th, 2023 AGTTA celebrated USATT’s 90th anniversary with a namesake tournament. The one-day event was a great success, with 115 excellent players, 20 of them over 2000 in rating.

The Finals included two men from the newly formed Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) organization competing for the $1,000 first prize and $600 second prize. Enzo Angles, of the Carolina Gold Diggers defeated Daniel Gorak of the Florida Crocodiles in a thrilling best of 7 match in 6 games. Their match did not disappoint the spectator crowd! The match was an amazing display of table tennis from a professional and international perspective. AGTTA also welcomed Andrew Cao from Texas, who was ultimately defeated by local favorite Emmanuel Tuglo, in a very entertaining 5 game set.

Brian Crisp, CEO of AGTTA, Inc., celebrated the success of the event, and "is hopeful to see more players competing from MLTT in the future. AGTTA would love to have Enzo and Daniel back any time.” Enzo and Daniel were both on duty at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach this past weekend and their matches were featured on the MLTT YouTube channel.