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USATT Announces Dates and Locations for the 2024 USATT Regional Championships

by USA Table Tennis

2024 USATT Regional Championships annnouncement.

[Colorado Springs, CO - February 20, 2024] - Five locations across the U.S. will host the 2024 Regional Championships as follows:

  • USATT Northeast Championships will be hosted at Westchester Table Tennis Center (June 15-16)
  • USATT Championships at Broward Table Tennis Club (May 17-19)
  • USATT Southeast Championships at Houston International Table Tennis Academy (May 10-12)
  • USATT Pacific Championships at Orange County Table Tennis Academy (April 27-28)
  • USATT Midwest Championships at Spin & Smash (May 17-19)

These championships will have an important significance (4x weigh factor) in the newly introduce USATT Ranking System and results of these events will count for the following 24 months. Read more about the new ranking system:

Traditionally, Regional Championships were limited to specific geographic areas, but now, USATT is excited to announce that these events will be open to players nationwide. Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in multiple regions, with only their best result counting towards their USATT Ranking. This inclusive approach aims to create a more competitive and engaging environment for players.

2024 Regional Championships will provide a large “menu" of events offering participants a chance to select which category fits them better, whether it is a rating, an age or a doubles event.These events will be organized and executed by experienced USATT Clubs, ensuring a high-quality competition for all involved.

Registration is now open on To ensure the success of each event, a minimum of three players are required for it to take place. Furthermore, a minimum of six players is necessary for prize money to be awarded in events offering cash rewards.

"We are incredibly excited about the 2024 Regional Championships and the positive changes we're introducing. By opening up the competition and implementing the new ranking system, we're aiming to make the tournament experience more enjoyable and accessible for everyone," said Virginia Sung, USATT CEO


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