Introducing USA Table Tennis’s New Ranking System Pilot

by Barbara Wei

New 2024 USATT Rankings pilot banner.



In a pivotal step to address the inherent limitations of the current Rating system, USA Table Tennis (USATT) announces the introduction of a pilot Ranking system program. This strategic initiative goes beyond a simple update; it signifies a strategic move towards enhancing the sport’s competitive integrity and player engagement.

The USATT Ranking system is based off of points accumulated over the past 24 months at specific high-level tournaments. Players earn points based on how far they progress in their events, which will include Men’s and Women’s Singles, and wide array of age events (Juniors & Seniors). This new ranking system will also take into consideration the significance of the tournaments, placing higher weights on performances in marquee events such as the US Open and US Nationals.

“The new system adds a more meaningful and current reflection of a player's abilities, emphasizing recent performances and continuous participation. This approach ensures that ratings and rankings are not just historical records but active indicators of a player's form and commitment. It encourages players to remain consistently engaged, fostering a competitive environment that is both challenging and rewarding.” – Virginia Sung (USATT CEO)

The USATT Ranking System pilot program will run alongside the existing USATT Rating. USATT Ratings will remain unchanged and must be used for all seeding purposes in USATT Events.

For more information on how Rankings will be calculated and what tournaments and events are included, visit the USATT RANKINGS HUB Explainer Page.

2023 backdated rankings for men’s and women’s singles are located HERE, alongside point calculations for each player.

Note: The USATT Ranking System is subject to adjustments during the pilot phase.