Day 2: Doubles Take the Stage at the U.S. Open

by Joshua Dyke

Boys' Doubles round-robin at the U.S. Open Table Tennis Championships in the Ontario Convention Center. Ontario, California. 2022.

Many of the events beginning on Day 2 of the U.S. Open Championships tournament were among the doubles event categories. The round-robin style formats of Day 2 determined the knockout round seedings as the doubles events took the stage at the Ontario Convention Center.

In best-of-five doubles matches, the players took on the task of staying in rhythm and strategy to outwit and outplay their opponents. Nikhil Kumar, U.S. Men’s National Team member, spoke on the importance of choosing the right doubles partner you can rely on, “It’s part of the reason that goes into picking out who I want to play with. Also, someone who I can trust and someone whose style is compatible with mine. I like to play more of a supporting role in doubles. I like setting it up for my partner to finish, but also, I can take advantage if I need to attack the ball too. I find someone whose style matches with me or complements my style, but trust is very important.”

As the doubles teams proceed through the competition, they'll continue to establish the necessary repetition to make the latter stages of their doubles events. The doubles teams press onwards into Day 3, where the upper echelon of teams will move into the finals rounds and have an opportunity to medal in their respective championship finals.

Later in the evening of Day 2 was the club panel discussion: Member Club Development and Tournament Sanctioning Process. Club Committee Chair Vinod Kambareth led the panel. Joining Kambareth on the panel were Will Shortz (Westchester TTC, NY), Rajul Sheth (ICC Table Tennis), CA), Manny Velazquez Cintron (Houston ITTA, TX), Tawny Banh (Pacific Regional Sanctioning Coordinator), Tina Ren (USATT) and Joshua Dyke (USATT).

The panel featured representatives from some of the most successful clubs in the sport. Speakers shared advice for starting new clubs — the reoccurring model — to start clubs on a small scale and then begin growing in table numbers and playing space as your club builds its membership and brand.

Utilizing promotional tools was another reiterated strategy of club owners during the meeting. For clubs to get involved in their local community and establish a connection with other activities for juniors at your club. Hosting camps and sanctioned tournaments were an emphasis as a form of table tennis revenue from the club owners. Another component that has led to success is using social media, web posts, and targeted email blasts to promote the club events.

Accompanying their advice for club promotion, the sense of unity was prevalent in the words of the panel to work together rather than as separate entities, be it tournament scheduling or encouraging players to visit other clubs in the local area. Through the evening, open and constructive dialogues were a welcoming sight for a panel with the intention of seeing table tennis clubs find business success paired with the growth of the sport of table tennis.

2022 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championships Day 2: Posted Results

Women's 50+ Singles

1st - Lily Yip

2nd - Gina Dole

3rd - Jiangtao Ma

3rd - Shuqin Shi


Men's 75+ Singles

1st - Alireza Hejazi

2nd - Dell Sweeris

3rd - David Sakai

3rd - Ali Oveissi


Women's 75+ Singles

1st - Donna Sakai

2nd - Connie Mae Sweeris                  


U19 Boys' Doubles

1st - Angel Naranjo / Jabdiel Torres

2nd - Yu-Sheng Peng / Hsiang -Yuan Tien

3rd - Daniel Lindso / Elliot Lundqvist

3rd - Sang-Hyeok Lee / Mun-Jun Choi


U19 Girls' Doubles

1st - Youruo Wu / Luoxuan Shao

2nd - Rachel Sung / Kylie Lam

3rd - Lucy Chen / Emily Tan

3rd - Isabella Xu / Tiffany Ke


U11 Boys' Doubles

1st - Kyler Chen / Jason Liu

2nd - Joe Zhang / Mohammed Yasin Musthafa

3rd - Jaden Jia / David Yifeng Xu

3rd - Jayden Cai / Andrew Huang


U11 Girls' Doubles

1st - Abigail Yu / Irene Yeoh

2nd - Angela He / Tiana Piyadasa

3rd - Tanvi Desai / Emma Dong

3rd - Sophia Chen / Anagha Kasichainula


40 & Over Men's Doubles

1st - Mingwei Ju / Kenneth Pinili

2nd - Yinka Olasoji / Paul David

3rd - Greg Bartz / Changwoo Lim

3rd - Guo Hui Lu / Tuan Dai Le Md


40 & Over Women's Doubles

1st - Lily Yip / Patty Martinez-Wasserman

2nd - Diane Dongye Chen / Gina Dole

3rd - Yan Ge / Jiangtao Ma

3rd - Wendy Fang / Megha Ranganath


50 & Over Men's Doubles

1st - Derek May / Yuxiang Li

2nd - Hu Wang / Shuang Yu

3rd - James Therriault / Jian Zhuang

3rd - Tuan Dai Le Md / Tung D. Phan


50 & Over Women's Doubles

1st - Diane Dongye Chen / Gina Dole

2nd - Lily Yip / Patty Martinez-Wasser

3rd - Mei Wang / Jianxia Xiao

3rd - Yan Ge / Jiangtao Ma


60 & Over Men's Doubles

1st - Yuxiang Li / Bin Hai Chu

2nd - Sung Kook Choi / Jin Up Kim

3rd - George Guo / Harry Wang

3rd - Kyle Drake / Michael Gopin


60 & Over Women's Doubles

1st - Yan Ge / Jiangtao Ma

2nd - Shuqin Shi / Patty Martinez-Wasserman

3rd - Wendy Fang / Tingning Cheung

3rd - Yude Chan / Stacy Zhang


70 & Over Men's Doubles

1st - Sung Kook Choi / Jin Up Kim

2nd - Ali Oveissi / David Davallou

3rd - Parviz Mojaverian / Alireza Hejazi

3rd-  Dell Sweeris / David Sakai


70 & Over Women's Doubles

1st - Tingning Cheung / Chiyako Suzuki

2nd - Connie Mae Sweeris / Donna Sakai

3rd - Yoko Wilcox / Carol Klenfner


80 & Over Men's Doubles

1st - Martin Sundel / Martin Mainster

2nd - Yueh Yun Lu / Chuan Robert Liu

3rd - Paul Liu / Bolar Rao

3rd - Pete May / Odo Wang


U3100 Doubles

1st - Zichun Shen / Ewan Zhang

2nd - Rachel Purwar / Shloak Hiremani

3rd - Arthur Lopez / Kiyoshi Saito

3rd - Jenna S. Vuong / Sunny Lin



1st - Kef Noorani

2nd - Dhruv Chopra

3rd - James Therriault

3rd - Dan Seemiller Jr



1st - Victor Moraga

2nd - Larry Hu

3rd - Yi Ma

3rd - Joshua Hong


U1700 Adult

1st - Aditya Reddy Borra

2nd - Carlos Posso

3rd - Jerry Harris

3rd - Filex Shtorper


U1400 Adult

1st - John Shen

2nd - Yi Zhou  

3rd - Angus Wang

3rd - Andrew Arcinas


U1000 Adult

1st - Yousuf Rizvi

2nd - Balamurugan Kanagaraj

3rd - Alex Hwang

3rd - Patrick Fowler


U2000 Junior

1st - Jason Louie

2nd - Stuti Kashyap

3rd - Justin Liu

3rd - Sivaraam Velayutham


U1700 Junior

1st - Om Narvekar

2nd - Advik Pradhan

3rd - Ayush Badari

3rd - Olivia Huang


U1400 Junior

1st - Rohan Bubna

2nd - Aditya Singla

3rd - Vraj Amin

3rd - William Wang


U1000 Junior

1st - Vraj Amin

2nd - Tanishq Dhavali

3rd - Ethan Guo

3rd - Mihika Vangapalli


Para Class 6-10

1st - Tahl Leibovitz

2nd - Ilya Rozenblat

3rd - Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi

3rd - Alex Christie


Para Doubles Standing (18)

1st - Alex Christie / Daniel Rosenfeld

2nd - Tahl Leibovitz / Nenad Bach

3rd - Ilya Rozenblat / Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi

3rd - Margie Alley / Trent Maclean



Hardbat Doubles

1st - Alex Wu / Yuhang Li

2nd - Steven Claflin / Brian Jortner

3rd - Ali Ammar / Marek Záskodny

3rd - Dan Seemiller Jr / Larry Bruce Hodges


U2000 Hardbat Singles

1st - Ali Ammar

2nd - Marek Záskodny

3rd - Yuanhao Li


Hardbat Junior Boys Singles 

1st - Aljay Villena

2nd - Alex Wu

3rd - Akul Shivkumar

4th - Nikhil Chawla


Hardbat Junior Girl Singles

1st - Sara Gulabani

2nd - Isha Bajpai

3rd - Malika Sandybayeva


60& Over Hardbat Men's Singles

1st - Jian Zhuang

2nd - Larry Bruce Hodges

3rd - Steven Claflin

3rd - Robert Koch


60&Over Hardbat Women's Single

1st - Wendy Fang

2nd - Jean Newby


Parkinson Open

1st - Ilya Rozenblat

2nd - Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi

3rd - Margie Alley

3rd - Nenad Bach


Parkinson Class 1

1st - Ilya Rozenblat

2nd - Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi


Parkinson Open Doubles

1st - Ilya Rozenblat / Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi

2nd - Margie Alley / Jan Rose

3rd - Trent Maclean / Farrel Levy

3rd - Kent Hatch / Matt Krantz


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