Midwest Regionals Crown New 2023 Champions

by USA Table Tennis

2023 Midwest Regional Championships

Spin & Smash Table Tennis & Ping Pong Club, a club that has been a Midwest staple, hosted the 2023 Midwest Regional Championships in Plain City, Ohio, this past weekend. The club hosted a slew of events in their action-packed weekend, leading to newly crowned state champions as well as a wide variety of events to play for the entire region.


In the Midwest Open Singles event Tapabrata Dey was the first-place finisher at this year's Regional final. Dey also went on to take home the Open Doubles championship with teammate Jay Nelson.




Open Singles

1.Tapabrata Dey

2.Pranam Acharya

3.Siddharth Khandelwal


Boys U15

1.Sirikrishna Kothy

2.Arnav Mairal

3.Logan Thorpe


Boys U13

1.Koki Nabeya

2.Logan Thorpe

3.Arnav Mairal


Girls U13

1.Lucky Ganta


Boys U11

1.Sirikrishna Kothy

2.Srikar Kothy

3.Lucky Ganta


Girls U11

1.Lucky Ganta


Over 40

1.Joydeep Kar

2.Soren Tannehill

3.Jorge Nieto


Over 60

1.Amer Shaw

2.Steve Gonzales

3.Randy Pichler


Over 65

1.Steven Hitchner

2.Richard Catlin

3.Dave Fullen


Over 70

1.Richard Catlin

2.Steven Hitchner

3.Dave Fullen


Over 75

1.Richard Catlin

2.Willam Train

3.Teymour Sepahbodie


Open Doubles

1.Jay Nelson-Tapabrata Dey

2.Karl Rosenberg-Sam Lawton

3.Kareem Azrak-Sidd Khandelwal


Over 65 DBL

1.Doyle Harbaugh-Kerry Burke

2.Chris Jordan - Adele Maas

3.Dave Fullen - William Train


Over 65 Mixed Dbls

1.Doyle Harbaugh-Kerry Burke

2.Tim Sontag - Adele Maas


Hardbat Open

1.Tiancheng Wang

2.Steve Banet



1.Tiancheng Wang

2.Brian Jortner

3.Evan Jensen


U 2300

1.Tiancheng Wang

2.Steve Banet

3.Prem Patel


U 2100

1.Namgyu Kang

2.Yash Dholakia

3.Tao Li


U 2000

1.Ren Murakami

2.Premal Patel

3.Yash Dholakia


U 1900

1.Yash Dholakia

2.Steven Hitchner


U 1600

1.Tao Li

2.Roshan Patel

3.Jason Leong


U 1500

1.Wen Niu

2.David Rogers

3.Meenakshisundar Paneerselvam


U 1400

1.Jay Nelson

2.Roshan Sai Pratap


U 1300

1.Jay Nelson

2.David Rogers

3.Devon Fisk


U 1200

1.Roshan Sai Pratap

2.Ali Jawad

3.Danny Johnson



U 1100

1.Danny Johnson

2.Mahaboob Shaik

3.Mir Ali



U 1000

1.Chen Ruo-Wen

2.Andrew Derhammer

3.Suja Ramachandran


U 800

1.Bradley Strouse

2.Mohammed Kabir

3.Srikar Kothy


U 3100 Doubles

1.Jay Nelson-Jon Lamp

2.Shania Paul-Sidd Khandelweal

3.Prakash Annamraju-Jordan Beck



Please visit TTLive for a more detailed look at match and tournament results.


The champion for each event that has six or more competitors at the Regionals will receive free entry into the US Nationals for that particular event. There is no limit on the number of events that a person can enter and win at the Regional level in order to receive free entry for that event into the 2023 US Nationals.