Member Clubs Invited to Host 2024 USATT State Championships

by USA Table Tennis

2024 USATT State Championships logo.

[Colorado Springs, CO] – USA Table Tennis opens applications for the 2024 USATT State Championships. All USATT member clubs are cordially invited to apply to host a State Championships event.

The USATT State Championships have become a staple in the table tennis community, attracting top talents and enthusiasts from across the nation. The local nature of the event helps grow the sport of table tennis at the grassroots level. This year's state championship series promises to be even greater than 2023 with the inclusion of the newly introduced USATT Ranking System. The USATT Ranking System adds an extra layer of excitement and prestige, providing players with a clear path to recognition and advancement within the USA Table Tennis community.

To ensure that participating clubs are well-prepared to deliver a successful and professional event, USATT encourages them to refer to the Event Manual. This comprehensive guide offers insights on how to enhance the professionalism of the event and create an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.

Application Form:

USATT looks forward to welcoming clubs, players, and fans to a series of events that will contribute to the continued growth and success of table tennis in the United States.